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I’m a book worm born and raised. I enjoy any book that will latch itself to my imagination and play out in my minds eye. I have always been into a good down to earth love story or a mind blowing biography. However now I have branched out. Reading with my beautiful daughter Macy (who is my profile pic) I have been introduced to the realm of Young Readers. Now a day it’s all about the Vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, magic and angels.... And the best part is I still get my love stories in the paranormal mix. Oh, and I can't forget to give a shout out to my cyber friends who have come to mean more to me than the people who surround my daily life (with the exception of Macy & Mya). I love the interest we share and the fact that each of you have not only brought new joys to my life but new reading material as well. Oh, the adventures you send my imagination.

Reburn - Anne Marsh I was a little surprised at how short the story was considering it's the first in a series. Yea I noticed after I finished reading it was only 66 pages. I have a bad habit not reading synopsis when it comes to authors I enjoy or books that are highly recommended by goodread and bloggers that enjoy the experience of escaping into a good book and one's imagination.

Hotshots is a great spin off for readers like me who enjoyed the 'Smoke Jumpers Series'. I definitely plan to continue reading Marsh's new series. My olny hope is the stories grow in length and some of our favorite smoke jumpers make a cameo.
Crossing the Line (Pushing the Limits, #1.5) - Katie McGarry What a short story... I want so much more. The author left so much room for there story to grow. I hope she plans to continue the relationship in other books or they get their own full story.
A Caress of Wings - Sylvia Day I enjoyed this inbetweener! My hope is that Day doesn't leave us hanging like she did with the prequel. The prequel to book 1 through me for a loop because I was waiting for the story to continue and got nothing.

I want to see where Trevor and Siobhan (hard to spell for me)story goes. After Adrian hunting Mark and Helena down then turning to a vampire/angel relationship himself. I just got to know!

Adrian: Bonus Material for A Touch of Crimson

Adrian: Bonus Material for A Touch of Crimson - Sylvia Day It was a great idea for the author to include all her blog hop stop stories in this short book. Sometime we miss a story here and their. It was great to see them again all together. Other authors should follow Day's lead.
A Hunger So Wild (Renegade Angels, #2) - Sylvia Day A clear exanpleof whywe need half stars! Book one I rated 4-stars because goodreads doesn't allow half rating. But Day stepped up here and deserves a solid 4-starsif not 4 1/2-stars.

Not only was I held tight by the progressing story; my mind was put to rest about the prequel. Though I had to wait two ooks to see it's tie in. I was thankful our other gifted inbetweener got a little light. I hope we see more of it in Syre's story.

The only pitfall is we have to wait till 2014. It's hard to demand more books if we want quality writing and a great storyline.

With any luck Day will gift us with short stories to keep us rabid fans at peace! Until then I off to read book 2.5… and if luckt 2.6 & so on.
Cursed (The Devil's Roses, #1) - Tara Brown When I first started reading 'Cursed' felt like it was missing something. I just couldn't make heads or tails out of some things that were happening in the book. I also felt an instant disliking to some characters for no other reason than gut instinct and the inner thoughts Aimee. At one point I didn't even like Aimee. I vented a lot while reading and surprised myself that I didn't give up on it.

I was a bit aggravated to learn at 34% into the book that the updated version was available on It's not the authors fault but after updating the newest version to my kindle touch and taking time to skim the already read percentage, my comments that were already made using the outdated material more than likely made me look a fool. Things that felt obvious without being said were said in the updated version. So right now anyone who sees my goodreads, twitter or facebook must think I'm a complete idiot. But that in no way, affects my rating.

I found the prologue very intriguing. Throughout the read I found myself focusing on the new cop. It was almost and OCD related obsession. Which is the main reason I don't read many mystery focused books. TB did an excellent job at turning my focus by throwing little morsels of juicy information my way once I started skimming the updated version.

My mind is still reeling from the before and after of the update. The writing improved and scenes that were once confusing as though I might have missed a key point were brought into focus. I was thrilled with the extra scene though most confirmed my evil twin theory where Alise is concerned. I was a little disappointed to learn my favorite scene didn't make it to the new book. And yet somehow, with all the edits TB still managed to leave me burning with questions.

Our favorite Characters shifted throughout the book.
Blake won me first with his witty humor. But in the end he lost my love because a lie of omission is still a lie and I question the truth of his friendship. Even more in the end.
Alise with a twin like her who needs enemies. The way she strikes out at Aimee by going after every boy her twin sister crushes is mean. To make matters worse she does it while Aimee is dying of poison.
Gazelle Like any other broken teenage with a shitty like she acts out. But under her layers lies a young girl who after all is said and done; wants to live and love.
Aleks So much was focused around Aimee, I found it odd to learn Aleksander was the true focus of the book. I didn't like the way he avoided answering questions. Even in the end, he failed to answer (mine and) Aimee's questions.

Recommendation It's pretty good book for young adults to read. I don't think adults will be as thrilled with it. I will continue to read because in the end Shane blew my socks off.

President Barack Obama The Kindle Singles Interview - David Blum I was brought up as a democrat. Also brought up middle class as Obama claims he was. My parents owned their home and the only debt they had was medical.

However their was no way in hell my parent's could have afforded to send me to the best schools. That was/is a privilege only afforded by the wealthy and prestige.

Also I guess no one informed the President that a representative of Ammazon hired hundreds of people and when they reported to work was told they have no jobs. So where was the boost to the job markey?
Surrender (Guilty Pleasures, #1) - Adriana Hunter For a short story it wad really hot. Considering the plot was about BDSM, I'm not sure what expected. Yet, it was not what I imagined either.

It was muchsofter than I anticipated. I thought it was great the author brought to the forefront that 50 Shades wad the inspiration to the characters interest in BDSM. I also found it believable that two people not knowing about the world experienced it together.

Who wouldn't want to explore the world of BDSM with a guy who sounds as hot as jake??
Stripped (Guilty Pleasures #2) - Adriana Hunter Again I'm shocked to discover that none of my goodread friends have read this. How can that be. Yes is a short read. One that you might visit while waiting for an appointment or before bed for inspiration or interesting dreams. Not that I would admit to anything. LOL!

You can be sure that Hunter turned up the heat in this second short with a visit to a BDSM Playhouse. (Second time I've read of BDSM Playhouses, do they even exist?) Where we are introduced to a Dom named Chase. A real panty wetter who knows how to handle ropes and organisms that are out of this world.

Now we are left at a crossroad... Do we want Chase an experienced Dom who can show us things we never thought to explore. Or do we want Jake, a man we can discover new things together with.

Both have secrets but the important question is wh is in charge? From a readers point of view it seems their both being topped from the bottom.
Knock Out Curves (Plus Size Loving) BBW Romance - Adriana Hunter I can't believe it! Again I'm the first of my goodreads friends to read a book. It's a short, and it's okay. Perfect to read when you have someone you really don't want to listen to. HAHAHA!!
The Heart Won't Lie (Sons of Chance #12) - Vicki Lewis Thompson I can't believe I'm the first of my group of goodreads friends to read this. I know so.etime we tend to give up on long series and complain that others are not long enough. But this is one of Vicki Lewis Thompson's best chic lit series. Not only does it follow the Chance Brother's, it follows the circle of friends that surrounds the brother's on the Second Chance Ranch. Save a horse ride a strong loving cowboy!
City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments, #5) - Cassandra Clare Wow! I was blown away. I think I was hit hardest when I checked goodreads and discovered that I have to wait until 2014 for the next book. It's gonna kill me. I'll write a full review soon.

Quick note: If you are one of the few living under a rock and have not read this series yet you need to get on it ASAP!
City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments, #4) - Cassandra Clare I I plan on very much reviewing this book. I just don't have time right now because I have leaped into book Five (5) . I did love it. I amso glad our goodreads group choose to read the prequel this month. I gave me more reason to read books 1 - 3 again and read books 4 & 5 with out glossing over them.

However after reading the prequel I'm a bit disapointed that Tessa hasn't steped up.

My full review will come soon!
Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices, #3) - Cassandra Clare When I can stop the melancholy tears from falling and get a little sleep I will write my review. I have to say with this prequel added MI & ID is one of my favorite series with a spin-off .
Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices, #2) - Cassandra Clare Review to come... Couldn't stop reading... Had to jump into the next book... Who needs sleep anyway???
Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, #1) - Cassandra Clare First off I want to acknowledge 'Books for Review' Group on
( to Join follow this link: )

for making Clockwork Series this month's series by Cassandra Clare pick to read discuss and review. I have enjoyed the banter and comments our members have shared about this series and for being such a great group of friends to have the brass nerve to tell me to forget the 'MI Series' and just enjoy this for what it is... The Beginning. In all honesty I would almost have preferred for the whole series to start with this spin-off. Then again I don't think Cassandra Clare would have did as well if she had.

I hate to be the one that points out that there are a lot of similarities between 'Clockwork Angel' and 'City of Bones' then, I wouldn't be me if I didn't so I did as I must. But that just causes me to have a silly internal debate that for some reason seems to be manifesting its self into my review. Yes, its within my control to keep the debate off the pages but hear again if I don't let my inner dialog out sometimes I'm bound to explode. That said, I can in some ways understand the similarities. The deal is we are reading about a truly closed off group of immortals, where a mistake can cost the entire enclave. So one would only deduce that not only would the people share the same moral code but due to the type of captivity they would have submitted to in order not to be exposed their personalities would mimic the behaviors of the people they surround themselves with. For that reason alone I'm okay with the similarities in personalities. Enough with my television pop culture psychology and back to the story at hand.

What I liked most about the book was the clever way Cassandra Clare built a supernatural world around London that exists within the natural London. Yes, I'm aware that it was the same for the 'MI Series' but I was so wrapped up in the Jace/Clary mess that I didn't appreciate the world that Clare had elegantly crafted. I found it inspiring that she magically threaded some historical sites in a very paranormal ways.

The only thing I can truly complain about is the little bit of a cliff-hanger Clare left us with. Throughout I often wondered what Will's deal was. What is up with his parents?? Then the thing with Tess one minute I was thinking, "Okay he's backing off because Jem likes her and he's dying." Then I think, "No he's just a spoiled arse." We get to touch base on everyone's back ground and know where everyone is coming from but not Will. We get a glimpse but not enough to tell us anything. Then that ending. Can't wait to start Clockwork Prince to see what Will's deal is...

One last thing... I didn't get it...'Clockwork Angel' the title... was the title given because of the Clock Work Angel Tess wore that helped her at one point and disappeared from the story only to return in the ending???