My Heart Says Yes - Emma & Caleb (The Blakely Sisters #1)

My Heart Says Yes - Emma & Caleb (The Blakely Sisters #1) - Ashley  Blake Ugh! Careful what you bitch about....

I got my desire for a longer story only to be disappointed in the end. The book is billed for the new-adult audience however it reads like a young-adult book. To make things blow the author was stuck on beating us to death with the details repeatedly.

It a super sweet love story you might find your thirteen year old going crazy about however your seventeen year old might vomit up all the sugar sweetness. I guess it was nice to take a break from all the alpha males and spend time with the sweet hearts.

I'll keep following the series just to see where it goes and if the writing improves especially now that the author has given up on trying to take my blood!