My Forever is You Book 2 of 2 Resolution

My Forever is You Book 2 of 2 Resolution - Ashley Blake So I was in Luck a goodread reader was nice enough to lend me their amazon copy for two weeks. Thanks Chicka! Glad I was able to finish this book!

I like short stories don't get me wrong. What I can't stand is when an author writes a book and then break it up into installments then charges the readers out the ass for part of the book. I don't know any hard working person who is willing to pay $2.99 for such short stories from an unknown author!

I will never purchase a book written by this author unless it's a full book with a reasonably priced. Considering how greedy the author is with her book breakdowns I just never see that happening. If you (Blake) want a better following STOP FUCKING WITH READERS & RELEASE THE WHOLE BOOK FOR THAT DAMN PRICE!!!

However, if a goodread friend is up to loaning a copy because they have the cash to waste I might visit other works.