Apocalypse (Rapture Trilogy, #3)

Apocalypse (Rapture Trilogy, #3) - Phillip W. Simpson Little Lass Muses

Genre: Young Adult, Apocalyptic, Angel, Demons, Paranormal, Romance, fantasy
Cover: Thrilled the author stayed with the matching theme covers... like I said before why change it, it works and lets us know it's part of the same trilogy. Author's should take not when penning trilogies.
Thumbs: 4 Out 4 Up.... (5 of 5 Stars!)
Overall: I was glued to the pages from beginning to end. I felt as though I suffered through everything right along with Sam. The range of emotions I experienced while reading is something that has only happened once before. Blending faith in God with the supernatural is a touch hard to do. If people take time to read from Book 1 through Book 3 they will find Simpson did an excellent job at blending the two.
Characters: Stronger, better developed, more raw emotions, real/ believable.
Plot: Very realistic with scenes full of suspense. Well-developed subplots that tied everything together and a melancholy ending!
Page Turner: Yes, hard to put down! Devoured in one sitting.
Recommend: Yes! Young, old and everyone between!
My Book Boyfriend: Sam even though in the end all that faith, strength, devotion to God couldn't save him from the depths. of hell.
Most Like Me or who I want to be: I have to stick with just wanting a small touch of the unwavering faith that Sam has in the face of such hard truths.
Recommendation: If you haven't read Apocalypse yet. Don't put it off any longer, read it today. If you haven't read the Rapture Trilogy... What are you waiting for? It is an unforgettable series that will have your mind roaring and gripping the edge of your seat and in the end... Will leave you in tears and have your heart thinking.

Little Lass Random Thoughts:

Well Mr. Phillip W. Simpson certainly didn't fail to disappoint, if it's even possible book three was even better. The writing just got stronger and the emotion tugging at my heart were all over the place. It's the best supernatural faith based book I have ever read. If I thought I couldn't control my emotion with Simpson's epic ending in book 2. You should have seen me at the end. The only word to describe it is melancholy- sad and bittersweet. In the end it makes on truly believe that the road to hell in paved with good intentions. A good person is not a saved person.

Novel Lass Reviews:
I have loved this series from its beginning with Rapture. It's subject matter in one that is quiet controversial, taking faith based beliefs and turning it towards the supernatural. But in reality isn't faith in some ways a supernatural belief?? Each person has a right to in vision or interpret scripture. But I don't think that is what Phillip W. Simpson did with the 'Rapture Trilogy'. I think he just gave us something else to consider.

Throughout the series we got to know Sam. The way he was brought into this world and how he choose to live his life. We were given a chance to know him, empathize with him and ultimately love Sam. We grow to care for him not because of where he came from but because who he has become and what he is willing to sacrifice because its right regardless of his own fate.

One can pull so many meaning from this final installment. One the one side you learn that the good deeds you perform on earth will not land you a place in heaven. After all the old proverb; "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." make a fierce standing throughout the series and makes its final stand here. On another side you learn good deeds preformed from the heart also will not guarantee you a place in heaven either. Then where does that leave a person? Salvation.

True salvation is the only act that can cement your place in heaven. Then we are left with Sam quest. Many time throughout the series and the final book Sam told about salvation and forgiveness. Many times Sam gloved up and continued to read the Bible. Repeated he thought about the lessons he learned both physical and spiritual. However, as I write and recall this epic tell not once do I recall Sam asking for his own salvation or his demonic side to be severed and to be healed from his affliction. It's almost as if he was resigned to a destiny that could not be changed regardless of his spiritual faith.

Simpson did an excellent job at weaving an epic tale that will withstand the test of time. His writing is captivating and original. His style allows the story to unfold in such a way it has no choice but to mend its way into your heart and mind. From the beginning this impressive tale is lively and full of action. The plot is realistic and full of suspense. All the characters are well developed, multidimensional and grow and change with the story. It's one of the most subtle yet powerful and memorable series I have read in a while.