He Came for Mine (The Protector, #2)

He Came for Mine - C.M.   Brown I was a bit off put by the cover. It's such a stark difference from the fun cover from book 1. It gives the hint that "He Came For Mine" must be a darker story. One that I just was not expecting. I also noticed the error with the moon. Where the moon in the story and on the cover of book 1 is blue and yet on the cover of two the moon is purple. I just wonder if I was the only one to notice that?

I was impressed with the second installment of the protectors series. Most authors slack when it comes to the second or a middle book. You can tell Brown put more thought into weaving this plot making the continuing story much better than the first. It was a little off putting however. After everything that Jazz went through in book one that she was a bit naive when it came to meeting someone who reminded her of Seb. Even I saw that betrayal coming a mile away.

Jazz's weakness when it come to Seb irritated me to death. Two years after Seb walked out of her life he waltzes back in and announces that he has to take the son he abandoned away from her in order for him to live. I got that the son needed bond with the father in order to mature. What I didn't get was how come Jazz didn't put up a fight. Medication was provided in book one and was used in book two to control blood lust. Jazz could have argued to use it with her son. But then all my worries were laid to rest with the birth of the twins. If ever there was a lousy mother Jazz fits the bill. Had I birthed twins and one was missing, instead of focusing on pleasuring my sexual urges I would be focused on caring for my daughter and stayed on everyone's ass about finding my missing daughter.

It was also a bit strange that after Jazz becoming the strong woman she needed to be in order to raise her "special" son. That suddenly she became weak needing help not knowing what to do with the second birth. It was just one of those wtf moments.

It may seem that I'm being harsh but truly I did enjoy this book much better than the first and I will diffanetly be looking for the next book in this in=improving series. I'm interested to know if Jazz will at last grow a back bone. Being the Queen to the vampires she will need one. Plus, I can't wait to see the magic that the children hold.