Thoughtless - S.C. Stephens Update 33% done

I had to stop and just breath a minute. So much has happened in the first third of the book its almost unbelievable. To begin with the basics: Denny landed an internship he could pass up and Kiera transfers colleges so they can stay together. They move thousands of miles away from home to Seattle. Denny's set them up to rent a room from Kellan a friend he made forever when he was an exchange student. It's obvious that Kiera has lead a sheltered life and not been exposed to much and leans heavily on Denny for security. Denny loves Kiera but also has clear ambition when it comes to his career. Kellan is the yummy bad boy man whore (we romantic woman will come to love/hate) with deep emotions. If you are thinking love-triangle you hit the nail on the head.

Denny's boss ask him to go out of town shortly after they arrive for a couple of months leaving Kiera all alone. Kiera being dependant on Denny doesn't fair too well with the separation and Kellan tries to help her as much as possible. In the mean time Denny is well career driven. His daily calls dwindle to the point that he doesn't call for a week. In the mean time Kiera has come to depend on Kellan and somewhere in the mix they start to have deeper feeling for each other. When Denny calls to inform Kiera he took a job where he was and it would be two years before they could be together again, she loses it. She left everything to be with him in a town where she knows no one and he abandons her there. She can't transfer schools again so in all her anger over Denny picking a job over her she ends it with him and hits the bottle heavy.

For the past month and a half Kiera and Kellan have been drawn to each other sharing such sexually charged intense moments and their feeling have escalated to an explosive boiling point. Time and time again Kellan has walked away from such moments because Kiera is his friends girl. But not anymore. He can't hold back and walk way and one passionate kiss turns into a night Kiera or Kellan can't walk away from. After their passionate night together all emotional hell breaks loose because Denny came home. He walked away from his job because he could leave his heart, Kiera.

Kellan is tormented by Denny's return. It's killing him to see them together. The bad boy has fallen and fallen hard for Kiera and doesn't' t deal very well with Denny back in the picture. To make thing even shitter for Kellan, Kiera fears that Kellan will tell Denny about their night together. Kellan for reason I don't understand yet has agreed to keep to himself. However, he spends a large amount of time lashing out at Kiera. When Kellan can no longer take watching Kiera from a distance and Kiera watching him, he makes the choice to leave. Which ignites the most realistic heated emotions and hottest love making I have had the pleasure to cry through. Only Kiera spoils it by breaking Kellan's heart.

If you haven't started this series WTF are you waiting on???