Love and Relativity - Rachael Wade Star stats:
Jaded Adult: 5 Stars
Forever Young: 5 Stars
Over All: 5 Stars
Genre: Mature Young Adult, New Adult, Adults, Woman's Fiction, Chic-lit, Realistic, Contemporary, Romance
My Book Boyfriend : Toss-up between Jackson and Carter!
Most Like Me or who I want to be: Whitney. She a great friend!

I'll admit that most time I pass over Author's Notes and the like because I'm in such a rush to start the book I'm reading and find my escape deep in the pages. But this time I was stopped dead in my tracks by the inspiration of this book - “The Story” by Brandi Carlile. If you haven't heard this song before, I agree with the author; "LISTEN TO IT NOW" I first fell in love with this song when Callie played by Sara Ramirez sang it on Grey's Anatomy

When I looked the book up on Goodreads I thought it was a single, and for the record; for the part it can be read as one. After all with it being a full length novel it would seem silly for Wade to list it as 2.5. However, I think it would cut down on the confusion to call it a "Companion Novel (Preservation Series, #2.5). I can only imagine the flack this fast growing author must be getting over this.

Now having read both Preservation and Reservation from the Preservation Series I could wait to sink my imagination into this installment. I fell in love with the Preservation Series from the first word in the first book. But after I read the last word in Reservation, I knew this series wasn't over not yet. Not by a long shot, Wade couldn't leave Carter hanging in the wind. It just didn't feel over. And luck me and all the fans of this outstanding series... it's not over!

Part 1

The book starts off with a road trip to Disney to escape the harsh reality of what this time of year will bring , heartache and buried memories. I couldn't help but feel for Emma and the loss of her sister she is still struggling to deal with a year later. To compound her loss her boyfriend (Chris) cheated on her the day her sister died and dumped her the day her sister was buried. Then to add insult to injury he show up on the while she's dealing the best she can with the first anniversary all of all her misery breaks into her apartment then insults Jackson.

Jackson, Jackson, Jackson... The obvious bad boy for some reason we will come to love. First off, he share a secret with Emma about the night her sister died at the hands of a drunk driver. He confesses his love for Emma. But can his bad boy can't keep it in his pants way be too much for Emma to confess in turn the feeling she has been hiding for him? I'm tied up in utter knots riding the fence between love and hate for Jackson and if I think these two will be able to pull it together.

Part 2

Wow! Really what can you expect me to say. If I thought I was on the fence before now I'm dangling on a cliffs edge. Part two blew my mind. After Emma pretty much told Jackson she couldn't be with a man whore. Weeks later she decides that it no longer matters if he is a man whore because she loves him. Then has the audacity to trip because he moved on thinking she couldn't love him because of his past and runs again.

Once Emma gets over herself and Jackson has found himself in a heap of depression everything turns around for the couple and the sex between them is explosive. Only Emma has real trust issues with Jackson. After all, his past indicates to Emma she's on borrowed time Jackson. But I can't put all the blame of their relationship ending on Jackson no matter what huge ass he made of himself sharing Emma's secrets with the whole bar. I was Jackson after all who chose in the end to break up with Emma. Even Jackson knew he was a man whore and his sly sneaking around planning a future without Emma's knowledge would cause her to think he cheated. Hell, I would assume the same if a half dressed stripper showed up in the middle of our lovemaking beating on the door like a crazed mad woman.

On the flip side this is where my beloved "Carter" makes his appearance. YEAH! I know Emma has her damaged baggage going on and not much focus is being placed on Carter but from between the line you get this feeling that more is going on between Whitney and Carter than the story tells. Which leads me to hoping that Carter will have his HEA in book three (3) of the series.

Part 3

Heartache and disbelief surrounded me in the final chapters of Jackson and Emma's tale. Jackson's desperate attempts Emma's forgiveness is met by slammed doors, and ignored calls. Crushed by Jackson's public admission of Emma demons and vivid memories of Jackson, Emma finds herself in the same state as Jackson. A chance encounter in the bathroom brings Emma to her knees and Jackson on the run.

I can't say much more because I fear I have already let too much out of the bag already. However I loved the ending with tears in my eyes. My hope is that all these characters will have a follow up and wish for many many more books in this series!

Recommended for: Ages 17 and up