A Hunger So Wild (Renegade Angels, #2) - Sylvia Day A clear exanpleof whywe need half stars! Book one I rated 4-stars because goodreads doesn't allow half rating. But Day stepped up here and deserves a solid 4-starsif not 4 1/2-stars.

Not only was I held tight by the progressing story; my mind was put to rest about the prequel. Though I had to wait two ooks to see it's tie in. I was thankful our other gifted inbetweener got a little light. I hope we see more of it in Syre's story.

The only pitfall is we have to wait till 2014. It's hard to demand more books if we want quality writing and a great storyline.

With any luck Day will gift us with short stories to keep us rabid fans at peace! Until then I off to read book 2.5… and if luckt 2.6 & so on.