Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, #1) - Cassandra Clare First off I want to acknowledge 'Books for Review' Group on
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for making Clockwork Series this month's series by Cassandra Clare pick to read discuss and review. I have enjoyed the banter and comments our members have shared about this series and for being such a great group of friends to have the brass nerve to tell me to forget the 'MI Series' and just enjoy this for what it is... The Beginning. In all honesty I would almost have preferred for the whole series to start with this spin-off. Then again I don't think Cassandra Clare would have did as well if she had.

I hate to be the one that points out that there are a lot of similarities between 'Clockwork Angel' and 'City of Bones' then, I wouldn't be me if I didn't so I did as I must. But that just causes me to have a silly internal debate that for some reason seems to be manifesting its self into my review. Yes, its within my control to keep the debate off the pages but hear again if I don't let my inner dialog out sometimes I'm bound to explode. That said, I can in some ways understand the similarities. The deal is we are reading about a truly closed off group of immortals, where a mistake can cost the entire enclave. So one would only deduce that not only would the people share the same moral code but due to the type of captivity they would have submitted to in order not to be exposed their personalities would mimic the behaviors of the people they surround themselves with. For that reason alone I'm okay with the similarities in personalities. Enough with my television pop culture psychology and back to the story at hand.

What I liked most about the book was the clever way Cassandra Clare built a supernatural world around London that exists within the natural London. Yes, I'm aware that it was the same for the 'MI Series' but I was so wrapped up in the Jace/Clary mess that I didn't appreciate the world that Clare had elegantly crafted. I found it inspiring that she magically threaded some historical sites in a very paranormal ways.

The only thing I can truly complain about is the little bit of a cliff-hanger Clare left us with. Throughout I often wondered what Will's deal was. What is up with his parents?? Then the thing with Tess one minute I was thinking, "Okay he's backing off because Jem likes her and he's dying." Then I think, "No he's just a spoiled arse." We get to touch base on everyone's back ground and know where everyone is coming from but not Will. We get a glimpse but not enough to tell us anything. Then that ending. Can't wait to start Clockwork Prince to see what Will's deal is...

One last thing... I didn't get it...'Clockwork Angel' the title... was the title given because of the Clock Work Angel Tess wore that helped her at one point and disappeared from the story only to return in the ending???