Reservation (Preservation, #2) - Rachael Wade Let's talk covers first because I brought book one's cover to the spot light because I felt the author was pretty much being coy with the whole student leaves teacher an apple. A similar thing most kids did coming up in the day. Now with book 2 cover I question my inner thoughts, well not the apple, I still think that was pic play. But the cover in Preservation (Preservation, #1) has a female on the cover and it's written from Kate's POV and this one Reservation (Preservation, #2) has a delicious male on its cover and it's written from Ryan's POV. So with this new revelation I deduce that the coy message with the covers is the perspective the book is written in. With this in mind Wade goes one step further by not reveling Kate or Ryan faces. This allows the reader to paint a true vision of what his or her Kate and Ryan look like. My only disappointment with the cover art on this book is the fact that no ink is present though we should be able to see the ravens.
I was excited to dive into this installment, so much that I rushed my review for Preservation (Preservation. #1) so I could devour Reservation as soon as possible. I was blown away by the connection to the real world Wade managed to convey throughout the book. I'm not sure who was more a wreck at some points Ryan or myself. I found myself experiencing a whorl wind of varying emotions keeping me locked and turning pages teetering on the edge laughing one minute, busting the water works the next. At pivotal moment I just wanted to smack some common sense into Ryan. It was truly a imperfect journey of love and how in life throws you unexpected curve ball and you have to figure out how to deal. And learning that some choices have an undesired effect.
I can't say there was much I didn't like about Ryan and Kate's continued journey. With all the twist and turns I was firmly planted on the edge of my seat riding out the emotional roller coaster right by Ryan side in a state of wonder. Will they or won't they? I can say I for the most part I was satisfied with the ending. However the epilogue left me questioning what happened with Carter and how he is truly dealing. With that in mind and what else will unfold in Ryan and Kate' relationship I be waiting for next book in the series to make its d├ębut.
I would recommend to anyone who enjoy realistic contemporary romance. Real life situations. Some sexual explicit content for mature readers only.