Tribulation (Rapture Trilogy) - Phillip W. Simpson Little Lass Muses

Genre: Young Adult, Apocalyptic, Angel, Demons, Paranormal, Romance, fantasy
Cover: The only change was to the color of the fire and that is fine with me... Why change it, it works and lets us know it's part of the same trilogy.
Thumbs: 4 Out 4 Up
Overall: Very intense having no idea which way the author would go at times. It's a unique twist to the rapture and tribulation that only a fan of both God and the paranormal could dream up. I found that I like the paranormal POV the same if not more than another popular Juvenile left behind series that came on the success of Left Behind.
Characters: Stronger, better developed, more raw emotions, real/ believable.
Plot: Moved smoothly, gripping- edge of your seat daring one to ask, "Is this remotely possible? If so could I/ would I survive?"
Page Turner: Yes, hard to put down!
Recommend: Yes! Young, old and everyone between!
My Book Boyfriend: Who am I kidding... It's Sam. All that faith, strength, devotion, and emotion. How can you not love him.
Most Like Me or who I want to be: I would love to have an unwavering faith such as Hikari, Aimi, and Sam.

Little Lass Random Thoughts:

Phillip W. Simpson had me hooked with the first book and book 2 was even better. Most series I notice slack off and are not as good as the first. However, I was on a cliffs edges from beginning to end. The writing improved and I loved all the characters even the ones I didn't. I was shocked that Sam bonded with the hell hound and it worries me. BUT MOST OF ALL... OMG... the epic climax at the end... I wasn't sure if I wanted to breakdown and cry, throw my kindle or hold my breath. It is one ending that will have your heart pounding and your mind going stir crazy until the next book.

Our Favorite Random Quotes:

Normally we post our favorite quotes here. However we were both so engrossed in the story that we just couldn't make our self's stop and list them.

Novel Lass Reviews:

I must say, that Phillip W Simpson did an excellent job at keeping me intrigued and guessing. Where PWS faltered in Rapture, allowing the reader to predict the modern day Judas and failed to deliver reasoning for Sam not seeing the betrayal coming, learned from his error and didn't make the same mistake twice. He surly managed to keep me guessing as what was next to come this time around. His characters were better developed an emotions run high in this installment. The balancing act of religious over tones was washed but not lost in the paranormal telling of the biblical foretold Tribulation.

Sam no longer the naive boy who lost everyone he loved to the Rapture was forced to grow up and be a man in Tribulation. Always knowing who he was and what he had to do had more resolve and convection and a few struggles along the way. Thrust into a leadership type of role he surged forward fighting for the innocent, protecting the weak and made a few friendships along the way. All while knowing with every good deed he would never be allowed into heaven.

The readers bond with Sam in such a way the only leads one to question what Sam's final role will be in the third and final volume. Anyone who has broached the subject of end times knows the devil greatest weapon is deceit. Have we blindly fallen for Sam only for Sam to learn that he too has been deceived himself? Will he surrender to the demonic blood the courses through his veins giving into his suppressed demonic nature and fulfill the father of lies wishes? I can foresee this coming to pass, with the turn f events that took place in the end. Heaven doesn't want him because of his demon blood and hell can't keep him with his untapped demonic power. It always the easy road that is heavily traveled, regardless to where it leads.

Aimi doesn't have a heavy personal presences in the book, though she has her show moments, through it all her memory stays strong with Sam. Providing him the anchor he needs to stay strong, focused and determined to the man she knows him to be. Helping those left behind find salvation and protection. Appearing to Sam, elevated to an angelic being at a critical stage elevated to the two are carried away in their love and passion of being together they cross an invisible unspeakable line. Though the PWS was coy its clear the 2 made love. Aimi having left without a word or warning or a good-bye, I assume must be in connection with "can't tell, rules and all" policy yet it left me questioning. Does Aimi comprehend the impact of their joining will have on Sam's choices when the end approaches, or is she a part of it as well?

In Rapture, I questioned Grace's role in Sam's life. Her reappearance in Tribulation still leaves me questioning her particular role in the choices that Sam makes. It's clear she embodies those that will be questioning God's passion and love during the beyond trying times such as the tribulation and life in general. But her presence still make little sense. Having been saved from the torture rack and brought back/saved from hell, not once but twice, she is the one person aside from Sam I would think should hold steadfast to God not wanting to return to the pit. But then it opens up the hardened heart theory. If she can't seek salvation after all she has suffered from the Tribulation then she turned her back on God long before the Rapture.

It was most excited to get visits from Rapture's supporting cast. It was encouraging and sad in the same thought to learn who survived and who perished and if any who choose the mark. I found Joshua particular reappearance cunning. However was off put at his request. I have to question why Joshua ask Sam to do the exact thing he intended to do in the first place. It make me question if Sam unknowingly sealed his own fate to embody the anti-christ. I/we have so many questions we honestly can't wait for book 3 to hit the shelf.