Bite Club - Rachel Caine
Rachel Caine continues to floor me with this amazing series.”Bite club” is the tenth installment in the Morganville Vampire Series and true to the rest of the series it does not disappoint. The scenarios that Caine creates for this band of friends, well some are not so friendly, keeps me interested and invested to the very last page. Are their grammar issues? Well some would say “yes” but, who am I to judge when I use spell check. Does it create major issues with the storyline? I say “hell no!” but other would beg to differ. I just say, “Let’s all agree to disagree, the series as a whole is fabulous!”

Fans of Shane will be on the edge of their chairs throughout the whole book. Right before our very eyes Shane is morphed from the loving, protective boyfriend to an angry and vengeful— almost unrecognizable human vampire killing machine. Fans of Claire will be just a little disappointed in her actions in the beginning. However, mid way through the reader is rewarded with Claire getting her groove back on. Yes, I saved the best for last… there is plenty of Myrnin to go around.
I smell spin-off or a trip through Morganville through his eyes. What a fun yet dark read that would be… What that doesn’t make me twisted somehow. You know you were thinking the same thing…. Admit it. Lots of fans were put-off by the switch of POV. However, I enjoyed it. It opens up an avenue for Caine to continue The Morganville Vampire Series as she can dive deeper into other characters. Think about it for a minute!!! You never asked yourself what is running through the minds of all the other major players…. I know I have. It’s brilliant for Caine to open the series so the well doesn’t run dry for the fans.

Final thoughts…. A good book added to a great series. A must read to find out what is taking place in the lives of Claire’s circle of friends.