Something Witchy This Way Comes - Veronica Blade Veronica Blade teams up with Crush Publishing to bring us, in this reader’s opinion one of her best books. She has a naturally subtle humor in her writing and I loved that the romance between Hayden and Tessa was the focus and I can’t wait for their story to continue. Once I started reading I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I love the storyline; it was full of enough mystery, action and romance to keep me interested and yearning for more!

Blade did an excellent job molding and developing three-dimensional characters. Tessa was strong female lead; coming from an emotionally broken home where her parent’s barely acknowledge her existence and she cares for her much younger sister Bree with the help of sitters. She studies hard to get good grades so that one day she can leave home and take her sister with her.

Hayden on the other hand is bad boy with a troubled past. His step father has been beating him since he was eight (?). His mother sided against him and now he lives in the guest house. That entire aside he is one of the most popular boys in school who (because of his past) has his hands in bullying. He is known for his out of hand wild ways as a love ‘em and leave with ladies. But is he truly a bad?

Blade chooses to begin the story with Hayden being summoned to the principal’s office where he is met by an FBI agent. He is then persuaded forcefully to being Tessa’s body guard while taking on all Tessa her advance classes to remain together the entire school day. If you have alarm bells going off about why the FBI would ask a high school boy to be a body guard, relax as you read the book all will be revealed…

Thus begins the action filled mystery as Tessa is confronted by two different organizations that both want her to side with them. One is good the other is evil; but which one is which? Who will she ultimately believe? Will she learn what her true powers are and what they really want from her?

As twists and turns emerge and what is not known becomes know, will we learn what kind of witch Tessa is? Will you learn the truth of what happened t her older sister? Will she discover who the principle and the FBI agent are in time? Will she learn the truth about her grandmother? As the developing relationship between Tessa and Hayden grows what other surprises springs up?

Veronica Blade does such an excellent job at weaving this story every possible question that crosses your mind is wrapped up by the end and still leaves you hungry for more.

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