Survival (The Guardians of Vesturon, #1) - A.M. Hargrove It was another one of those I saw the cover and didn’t bother reading the blurb. It was eye catching, considering I hold a family annual passes to the Planetarium. And what you know, I was right! I absolutely loved it. Hargrove did an excellent job at choosing her cover pic. I was especially elated to learn that the cover indeed has meaning that can be discovered while reading.

Survival— from the series Guardians of Vesturon a perfect title for this book as that is just what Maddi seems to keep doing through the entire book. It seems as she just can’t catch a break. Hargrove does an excellent job weaving such a masterful mystery while giving us a little taste of romance with just enough laughs out loud and heart wrenching moments to keep the pages turning.

The magic of character development? Check. Yes, I know Maddi is the strong, fierce willed woman who has to drudge through one bad thing after another. I would have cracked myself. But we can’t dismiss Mr. Yummy himself Ryan. (Mover over John Smith you have been replaced!) The one who is used to getting his ways and never being question… has met his match in Maddi. And the siblings I smell sibling rivolry and if so the CW’s newest hit… (You will be out to Salvador brothers). Now I can’t over look the other brother’s and the sole sis can I. They bring warmth to the pages when dealing with Maddi, got to love them for that! However, the Rayn’s dads… not my cup tea in his short visit.

I enjoyed the way Hargrove gives you clues as to what the Guardian is and lets you draw your own conclusion. Then reveals it to the reader’s but is hesitant to reveal himself to Maddi. Writing is hard and when a story is weaved with multiple storylines it even harder. When it’s a sequel it’s imperative that the reader is satisfied. And I was!

It was terrific read and I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on Resurrection, with Maddi fighting death again, Rayn feeling her pain unable to get to her and the sibling not able to find her and let’s not forget her dead parents are with her. And what is the mark she has on her back? Is it possible something lingers with in her bloodline?

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