Between - Cyndi Tefft Star stats:
Jaded Adult: 5 Stars
Forever Young: 5 Stars
Over All: 5 Stars

I was mesmerized by the cover the first time I laid eyes on it. The brilliant blue coloring and the sculpted “t” in the shape of cross with an eerie smoke rising from the luring sub-text, “Sometimes death is just the beginning…” and finding it was to cress the cross. I was sold and have to read the story beneath such an eye catching cover.

True to the title Lindsey was caught in the between. In a cosmos where she was not tethered to earth nor bound to heaven. Caught in a vast space that defies the logic and sets her memories free allowing her to open her heart and put her on a path that derails her from her destiny. Or does it?

After a tragic car accident Lindsey’s soul is separated from her body where Aiden MacRae a transporter assigned to accompany her to the gates of heaven. With the chains that bound her to earth and the compassion she carries in her heart loosened by the acceptance of death Lindsey finds herself falling for the very transporter taking her from her family and friends she loves. Death as scary as it sounds is peaceful, you are encircled in the ultimate love and the author successfully articulates the soul letting go what it cannot change and still mourn the loss while opening Lindsey’s heart for the true love mate God designed for her.

Time in the between cannot be measured as time in heaven has no measure. One day can feel as a thousand while one second or minute can feel as only a day. No accurate measure of time can be determined though in earthly time it may have been only seconds or minutes in Lindsey’s death. Although to Lindsey and Aiden the measure of time was not enough. The time they did spend together was intimate in the ways of truly knowing the person you are bound to. The spent time sharing their memories growing the love God ordained. Only their time together is violently ended without warning after they are bound together as husband and wife in an old fashion hand-fasting. Will Lindsey return to her husband Aiden? Will Aiden find a way to earth to be with his bride?

In this beautifully woven story of love as you read; your heart will open and your mind will soar right along with Lindsey and Aiden. You will cry, laugh and sigh while eager to turn the page. And when the story ends it will leave you wanting more of Lindsey and Aiden’s story of love that crosses the great expanse.

My only complaint is the ending felt rush compared to the rest of the story. However, I was elated to learn that Lindsey and Aiden’s story will continue in the sequel Hell Transporter.

Recommend: Adult & Young Adult Reader of Paranormal Romance & Life after Death