Lover Revealed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #4) - J.R. Ward
5 Transitional Stars

I am going out on an emotional limb with this review. Yes, in book one Butch was portrayed as an alcoholic, hell he admits it. But, let’s be honest can we. Why is he an alcoholic? I know alcohol doesn’t solve problems, yet you show me a real life cop working homicide in a major crime city that doesn’t drink and I will introduce you to a closet drunk. Plain and simple the needless killing gets to you and what starts off as blowing off steam turns into full budded alcoholic. It happens time and time again and there is no shame. It’s only a shame when they don’t reach out for help and end up eating a bullet.

That said back to Butch. Now why is he a drunk? His father never liked him, beat him as his mother and siblings stood by and watched doing nothing. His sister was kidnapped and murdered and his whole family blamed him though he was a child. (Hello, where were the parents???) As a child carrying the weight of a family that hates him alone in the world he never felt he belonged to and the belief that it was his fault his sister died; he became a homicide detective. For every dead girl to Butch it was just like the sister he didn’t save. So yeah, he had some issues.

As for the stretch that Butch had vamp blood… Not a stretch at all. Ward used the character Darius in book 1 to explain that sometimes half-bloods don’t transition. Darius was wanted Wrath just in case Beth transition. Which leads me to believe that Ward had already had Butch’s story outlined as she was writing book 1. Never underestimate the weave of a highly thought out story line, including that of the annoying Lesser’s plot.

Now that I have had my rant back to focus. Ward has did it yet again. Her writing speaks volume to her creative imagination. She has built a world that to me is just as captivating as LJ Smith’s Night World only with a little spice. Now if you haven’t started the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by now…. Get your heads out of the sand and dive into the series. It will not disappoint. However, I would start with book 1 Dark Lover as the story begins and grows as each book is released.