Glass Houses - Rachel Caine I know my reviews are usually non-descriptive this one may obtain spoilers in my rant. However, do not get me wrong I enjoyed the book and the colorful cast of Claire, Shane, Michael and Eve and the turmoil that seems to find them.
It took me forever to locate this series. I was shocked to find this series in the YA section of my local library. Everyone that had recommended the series to me was adult. I was expecting something completely different. After reading the first Chapter, I was shocked; I just cannot get over how they treat this young woman in the first 10 pages alone. This goes way beyond playground bulling. It is awful. Moreover, this poor 16-year-old child has to face this abuse alone.
I was disappointed in the narrative style of the book. It bugs me when it is a third person’s point of view then moves to a firsthand recollection. All while thinking about this was the fact that the doctors at the clinic just let Claire’s injuries go without a second thought. Then, Claire parents. What was the deal with them not wanting to believe that she was hurt? Hell I am a mother, I am sure I would have hit the roof and that bitch being over 18… I would have reacted first thought second. Yet, her parents…what the hell? It reminds me of people who have a killer dog and it attacks their child and then they say ‘but they love each other, he has never bitten before except in playful matter.’ They are just the type who does not deserve to be parents and neither do Claire’s parents. At least Michael, Shane and Eve offered her an outlet away from Monica. Where her dumbass parents want to thrust her back.
Oh my I need to stop ranting before everyone thinks I did not enjoy the book. I did however. I almost gave up on it until Claire’s hand went straight through Michael and he disappeared. I had to keep reading just to find out what Michael was and how the others would take it. Curiosity was what drew me into the story. The plot was not a dramatic and elusive. Therefore, I enjoyed a mindless entertaining read. I look forward to the series.