Shadow Moon - Marilee Brothers I thought Moon Spun was full of adventure and excitement then I moved on to Shadow Moon. The added mix of danger from our own government added to mix of already supernatural danger and Brothers’ play on government conspiracies was an expected yet unexpected, twist. What was once thought to be story filler tuned into full blown storyline. I can’t think of one thing I didn’t like about the newest installment other than it ended on cliff hanger that has me wanting to hunt down the author and beg for ARC of next installment.

The plot is so engrossing you can’t look away. Allie after finding out she has a twin, also has a evil looking fae who pops in and out at the oddest times. She has an encounter with a fae posing as a preacher who has evil motives at Kizzy’s. While checking him out she meets Sammie who she has a psychic connection to. Allie also gets suspended from school right before the holiday. Though she is vindicated in the by none other than Nicole it opens the path for her to search for her sister. Along for the ride is none other than Junior, Faye and Sammie. What started out as a mission to find her twin and save the world, ends in fight for her life and Sammie’s’?

I was a little disappointed again that Beck didn’t get much page time other than a phone call here and there. Yet I was also glad; it was one relationship I didn’t see working out with succubus side.

Where in the past Junior had lost favor with me he gained a lot in this installment. I expect to see the relationship between Junior and Allie blossom in the coming installments.

We didn’t see much of Ryker in this installment either. His love talker side leads me to think there may be some kin between him and Beck. The two sides seem so close. However in the end his hawk feather comes through.

We are introduced to Sammie, although she has a connection to Allie when they first meet it is not until the very end they both realize how close that connection truly is.

My final thoughts, it you haven’t already began to read the series… it’s never too late to start. There is a little something for everyone. I can’t wait to see wt Brothers’ weaves together next for Allie and her band of merry misfits.

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