Moon Spun - Marilee Brothers Brothers’ third installment in the Unbidden Magic series kicks thing up a few notches. It’s jam packed with mystery, action, lots of fantasy and a touch of comedic romance. Allie is a great Young adult heroin for teen girls today. Romance doesn’t come easy for her and it doesn’t seem to stick. As the series progresses it gets better and Brothers’ blew me away as she added a new mix to her characters. I found myself glued to the book franticly reading to see what would happen next. Brothers hinted in earlier installments that there may be more Allie’s history than her father’s connection to magic and Brother’s gives us the big reveal along with a romantic twist.

Even more goes down in this installment. It’s summer vacation and Beck is off taking summer courses at college earning him enough credits for early graduation. Allie’s pot smoking guide shows up with another garbled message about a guy, a motorcycle and a hawk. She takes a job at her uncle fruit stand where she meets Ryker who keeps calling her Ava. Junior leaves his Mexican soap opera and returns to home with a film career, also gifting Allie with a car, paid insurance and a gas card to boot. Faye starts dating Principle Hostetler and Allie agree’s to baby sit his son Chad for the summer.

As if things couldn’t get any stranger in Allie’s world. Chad reveals something about himself that sends Allie on a quest to her grandfather. Learning about her heritage sends Allie on a new journey. This time to Boundless, where she finds out she is Princess Avalon and she is the granddaughter of Melia, Queen of the Forest Faeries, Faye's mother. Things are amiss in Boundless and Melia believes only Allie and save them. But does she have the strength to pull herself together in time?

Allie is much more in control of who she is. So she has a run of guys. What high school girl doesn’t? After Junior ran off to Mexico and with Beck off at college she is right to be wary about Ryker and not take him for his word.

Beck though he didn’t get much page time got under my skin. Although he is half demon is no excuses not to call Allie. He just drops out of her life the same way Junior did.

Junior coming back into the picture plagued me a bit. The undertone is understood by the way his mother treats Allie. She is the reason her Junior is no more on her soap opera. Allie will always be special to him. The thing is he never called. Granted at the time Allie didn’t have a phone and the fact that he didn’t know she had one show he never asked about her. Oh, and by the way he never heard of pin, paper, and stamps. And when he does mosey his way back to town he thinks a car will right his wrongs????

Ryker, ugh! He just came across to me as an arrogant self important snot. Please, the Forrest Fairy Queen promised him Allie when he was boy. It’s the twenty first century bud! Just because gammy said it doesn’t make it so.

Chad was favorite character in this installment as the boy who could see pixies and Allie for who she really is. His energy was bursting off the pages. I was elated when Chad changeling was traded with Chad the human and was set free to his true self back in boundless and Chad the human is home with his parents, still packed with never-ending energy.

In conclusion, I know I said it before but the series just keeps getting better and better with more twist, turns and building plots thick with mystery that suck you in. It’s a wonderful book to get lost in for a few hours but only after reading the first two installments.
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