Moon Rise - Marilee Brothers I like the cover to “Moon Rise” better than I did its predecessor “Moonstone”. It always nice to go back and look at the cover and take notice of the hints the author places on the cover. Such as the tree Allie buries the moonstone under which also have the wind chimes dangling from a branch. Just as with the first cover; the moonstone necklace is securely fitted around Allie’s neck. But what jumps out at me most is the moon. A lot of time is spent focusing on the moon and the power it holds. But my most present thought has to be when Allie and Faye sing the moon song as they did many times before when Allie was small.

Where Moon Rise was an exciting follow up to Moonstone the in the Unbidden Magic series, I was a little disappointed that Junior was ushered off to Mexico to become a soap opera star. I had expected Allie and Junior’s relationship to blossom and bloom in “Moon Rise”. However, I did stay disappointed for too long, when Brothers introduced us to the new transfer student who gives a new meaning to “bad boy”. I have to admit that I like the sequel better than the first. I was so hard to put down I finished it in one setting. Brother’s weaves a story in “Moon Rise” that is exciting and filled with twists and turns on almost every page. Allie is set on a path to learn more about her powers and the potential to uncover more secrets about her mother’s past is right in front of her but her grandfather, like Faye will reveal nothing.

Allie was stronger in “Moon Rise” Brother did an excellent job at growing her up. She might have been timid in the beginning but as the story progress we got to stronger more mature Allie as she faces her destiny head on. She grew to be more than just a fifteen year old with a marked fate. She became a strong equal in the war of good versus evil.

I also enjoyed the new characters the twins Beck and Nicole. What do you get when you mix a nun and succubus? You get the twins. Add some Shaman training and you get the irresistible swoon worthy Beck.

I was elated that Brothers brought Grandfather Claude into the mix. I was saddened to learn he has little time to live. Thinking he was there to bond and give Allie the missing information; I was a bit aggravated when he was as closed mouth as Faye.

I questioned Allie and Beck relationship a lot; I just didn’t understand the reason for the pretend boyfriend/girlfriend when they both were into each other. My only reasoning for this is Allie’s age. Brothers having made her so young is trying to skirt the line for a more realistic setting. By making a statement to young adults around the world by including the innocents of discovering the opposite sex for the first time.

In conclusion, I look forward to reading more installments of this series. I would definitely recommend” Moon Rise”, but only after you've read “Moonstone”. It a great young adult paranormal fiction novel full of mystery suspense and excitement that will keep you on the edge of your seat and leaving rushing to read “Moon Shadow”, Brother’s third installment of the Unbidden Magic Series.

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