Moonstone - Marilee Brothers I actually received all four of Marilee Brothers’ books in her Unbidden Magic Series. So I didn’t get to peek a glimpse of the cover until after I finished the first. The model used for Allie was not what I pictured in my head. However, I enjoyed the touch of the moonstone necklace the model wore.

For Brothers first attempt she did pretty good job. The story starts a little strange but as you progress through the chapters it becomes more exciting and suspenseful. Where there any flaws?? Yes, but that is just something I have come to be expected of self published books. Allie progresses through several stages in this installment from discovery, rejection and ultimately acceptance of her new found powers. Brothers tries but in the end fails at setting the rules for the many magical talents Allie now holds.

Moonstone introduces the readers to Allie. It a really great read about fifteen year old, as she discovers she can move things with her mind. However, when she first makes the discovery she's not all thrilled and would like this new power to go away. She's given a beautiful necklace buy an eccentric almost neighbor/mentor to have know all along who she is. It seems to somehow amplify her powers; unfortunately, there are others who also want it. All the sudden Allie’s world is turned upside down and filled with an ancient prophesy. Then she trusted in to an age old battle of good versus evil only she’s not sure who she can trust.

The characters are for the most part are pretty well developed. They are the type you can love ‘em or hate ‘em. Allie is a typical girl who just wants a normal life but with a mother like Faye that’s never going to happen. Her mother Faye is the type you just want to shake some common sense into and tell to grow up. Junior is the local bad boy who was once a member of a gang and is trying hard to right his many wrongs and stay out of trouble.

The interactions between Allie and Junior are irresistible. The connection these two have leap off the page. Allie wants a boyfriend but doesn’t know if she can trust Junior. Though the two never get together by the end the spark of a potential budding relationship is so evident I can’t wait to see what the future books hold for these two.

My recommendation is if you’re looking for a young adult paranormal read that has some suspense, mystery, and light romance you are in luck. Sit back and enjoy!!

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