Sweet Blood of Mine: Book One of the Overworld Chronicles (Volume 1) - John Corwin To put it simply in three words “I loved it!”

Yes, I know it quiet the red-carpet affair for one (especially me) to claim to love a book but I did. Why you ask? Straightforward, it was the comic relief. Nowadays the bookstores, e-store and libraries are bogged down with supernatural stories from a hot female point of view. Let’s face fact, sometimes we need a story where the underdog guy gets the lady (A cup man bobs and all) and t keep things fresh we need to see how the guy sees things. In addition, young men need some way to relate to the young ladies reading Twilight, Vampire Academy and other related paranormal books.

I know romance from a guy’s p-o-v, who would have thought? Hey, it worked for HB’s Vladimir Todd Series as well as FM’s Bloodthirsty, NW Dark Matter Heart and it works forJohn Corwin’s Sweet Blood of Mine as well.
Additionally, it’s a clever new twist to the whole paranormal pop culture that every young guy can relate to… I’m speaking of the overweight guy with a crush and a dream plus every girl who loves paranormal stories should read.

Overall, Sweet Blood of Mine was a great debut that will hook all readers and the male p-o-v definitely stood out. It contains its own unique set of characters, and a plot. Some might argue that it lends ideas from other popular books. As an avid reader, I can accept that but to me all books reflect each other in some fashion. Sweet Blood of Mine is a classic tale of coming of age with a supernatural demon that even the guys will secretly love. A classic 5 Star instant hit.

READ!! READ!! READ!!! What else can I say?