The Death Cure (Maze Runner, #3) - James Dashner First I have to say because I purposely didn’t bring it up in any of my reviews for this series. I must say the tats scared the klunk out me. I had this feeling that they played an important role plot. Being a post apocalyptic series I thought they would have more meaning.

I only bring this up because I am at stand still. As I read the series just grew on me. I had to keep reading to find out what happened with this story line or that storyline. I was impressed that that JD made me sniffle not but twice (first chuck, then Newt). Not an easy task when I find the mystery a better character than the character themselves.

As much as I enjoyed the storyline I still find myself confused as to what happened to the gladers that got their memories back? And exactly where was it that Thomas and the immunes that made it out went to? The wrap up felt a little to rushed and story line felt undone; but overall I enjoyed the book and series.