The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner, #2) - James Dashner The Scorch Trials has a proper plot that actually keeps you on your toes guessing all the way through. It is hard to talk about the plot without revealing story. But I will say this about the plot if you thought things were rough on Thomas and the other gladers in Maze Runner, then hang on to your seats because things are twisted in this one.

The effort that JD took at allowing the characters some personality didn’t go unnoticed. I found book two a bit more interesting and I think everyone will. The author struggled to life to the series. I found myself easing off Thomas a bit. Newt has some likeability as well. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still very informative, a bit harsh at times it has a few one line funnies thrown here and there. Although the characters might not have been three-dimensional, I found myself drawn into the storyline. Wise cracking guys, threat of death two girls one guy, wicked and a mystery all rolled into one kept me interested to the very end.

I don’t think I would out right recommend this series for adults but I think Jr. High boys and girls alike would find the series interesting.

P-S I have to admit this… the first 25% of the book I used the text-to-speech function on my kindle because I didn’t think I would enjoy it and I didn’t want to be accused of not doing anything with it. In the end…. The book won out and grabbed my full attention so I finished it under my own reading power!!!