Sometimes by Moonlight (Never Cry Werewolf, #2) - Heather Davis I was first drawn to the novella “Sometimes by Moonlight” because I truly love its predecessor “Never Cry Wolf”. I just had to know where Shelby and Austin’s story was going. The cover art for the novella was delightful and added a mist of mystery.

I was disappointed at how short the book was and was surprised at all the information that was packed into the pages. Heather Davis did an outstanding job and leaving such a cliff hanger at the end make me wonder if in her spare time she is toying with continuing the series.

I wasn’t surprised to learn that in this installment the step-which honey bun successfully separated Shelby from her father. I was a bit distorts that the abrupt separation of Austin and Shelby and was just as much an emotional wreck as Shelby.

I was elated to learn that it seems Austin after a bit of time started hanging around the perimeter of the school. Moreover it seems that Shelby has some newfound abilities and she must pay close attention to those around her to keep her secrete from coming to light.

On her own cut off from the world who can she trust? With people in place who can destroy Austin and cut off from the world who can she trust? What is more important friendship, love or loyalty?

Deep down I hope that Heather Davis continues this series my whole family has come to love.