Bared to You  - Sylvia Day First off I have to ask…., Where has Sylva Day been hiding all my reading days? I had downloaded this book by mistake and it is by far the best tender emotional erotic mistake I ever made. “Bared to You” bore into me from the first chapter and after finishing I still wanted more so I was elated to learn it was the first installment of many in the Crossfire Series.

Day’s writing style is one that I am sure many authors dream of achieving. As the words lyrically flowed across the page written in vivid details that not only brought the scenes to life in living color in my mind’s eye but I could feel the life she breathed into the story radiating off the pages. Day shows that relationships are hard and they take work and compromise from each person involved to be successful.

It wasn’t until after I read the very last word till I glimpsed the cover. Thoughts cascaded my mind of what a cover of a book of this magnitude would hold. I was a bit disappointed. Yes the female comes across as sexually guarded and the male come across as needing her, which poetically reflects the story beneath the pages. I was just off put that the rings of intended belonging were not present on the cover. It would have added delicious bonus to bring everything together.

Day begins weaving her magic by introducing us to Eva and Eva to Gideon… That is when she visits to her office building for the first time and she literally runs into Gideon and both their lives as they know it are changed. We gage the story from Eva’s point of view, however it’s obvious that they are instantly drawn to each other in an extreme attraction that is so instantaneous that neither can deny no matter how much they try. As it become apparent that the two are equally attracted to on another yet neither is looking for a relationship things take an emotional turn.
Both being survivors of childhood sexual assault, Eva and Gideon learn to let their guards down and lean on each other and battle he ghosts of their past. Only to find that things aren’t always as simple as you wish for them to be.

In this magnificently woven story of love as you read; your heart will open and your mind will soar right along with Eva and Gideon. You will cry, laugh and sigh while eager to turn the page. And when the story ends it will leave you wanting more of Eva and Gideon’s story of two souls trying to turn what was once an act of violence was into unconditional love.

My recommendation is that if you are over 18 and still have not read Sylvia Days “Bared to You”, you must put this down and rush over to and pick up your copy today. You will not be disappointed!

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