Jessica Rules the Dark Side - Beth Fantaskey I was elated to see that Beth Fantaskey stuck with the simple but elegant cover that reflects on the first installment Jessica titled Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side. And the quote on the cover of this installment in the Jessica series made all the more alluring… “It’s one thing to find out you’re a vampire princess. It’s a whole other thing to actually rule.” I dove right into the continuing sage of Jessica (born Anastasia) and Lucius having been given a glimpse of Jessica’s human world merging with her destined world in book one I was excited to visit Jessica and Lucius and see how the two would fit together in the vampire world.

Beth Fantaskey gives the reader a treat interlocking the story with multiple POV’s with mystery. It keeps on edge and can be a bit confusing as you are trying to figure out the questions… Who is the killer? Can Jessica handle reigns without Lucius by her side? What’s up with hovering cousin and Uncle? Better yet… What about Ronnie and Mindy? If you are an emotional involved reader like me you will find yourself rushing through to find clues what happens next.

The storyline is exceptionally written; Fantaskey continues Jessica and Lucius’s love story full circle and adds new characters while weaving a thrilling plot. Although Lucius trusts Jessica’s ability to set him free she doesn’t. I was floored that Jessica spends more than half the book feeling sorry for herself. That is until Ronnie gives her the push she needs to make a stand and grow into her destined role.

One of my favorite parts was the email exchanges between Lucius and, his cousin Ronnie he calls brother. They are witty and show the uproarious side of the rebellious Lucius that we would never see from “Prince Lucius” otherwise.

Although I was elated to dive deeper into the lives Jessica and Lucius I found myself more engrossed with the Ronnie and Mindy storyline and await for their story to continue in future sequels. It was a joy glimpsing the story through Mindy eye as well and the struggles she faced in Jessica’s world loving a vampire.

My final thoughts… Jessica has come a long way from being a human county gal who has to muck stalls to a ruling vampire, blood drinking princess. The book itself is complete the story itself is not. I anticipate Jessica and Lucius story to continue as they appeal to the elders for votes to be up lifted to heir destined position as King and Queen.