Water (Akasha, #1) - Terra Harmony I had never heard of “Water” until I received an email for sign-up reviews. I was immediately dazzled by the cover art. There was something magical about the single drop of water suspended above a lone hand. That was what first drew me into taking a peek at the pages beneath. I was not disappointed. As for being her first attempt it doesn’t show as Terra Harmony had the ability to straight away draw me into Kaitlyn’s story.

She seemingly effortlessly moved the story along all while plummeting me deep and deeper into the life of Kaitlyn in a swirl of emotions and unspoken Stockholm syndrome. Her ability to capture the syndrome without focusing on it took me by surprise. However I did get more than I expected and was charged with excitement from the start. Harmony has a fanciful way with words no matter which character she was working with. She manages to take hold of the characters and develop them in ways that leaves a part of you that developing a love/hate with each one as you turn the pages.

“Water” takes you on a page turning journey as Kaitlyn discovers who and what she is truly is and is capable of. “Water” is packed with just the right amount of mystery and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat to the very end and leave you begging for more, more and more!

But let me be clear, “Water” is not for the faint of hearts as Kaitlyn story develops and twist and turns are introduced things get beyond ugly. For this reason I would suggest a rating of NC-17 and suggest that you pick up a copy and start reading today….. You will not be disappointed as Harmony leaves you so many haunting questions and with a true cliff hanger that will leave you digging in your sofa cushions to scurry ups the change to jump into Air.