Hopeless Magic (Star-Crossed #2) - Rachel Higginson Let me first say that while reading tensions were high between Eden and I. You just can't begin to phantom how many times I wanted to ring that fictitious characters neck while calling her a straight up whore. How low must one self-esteem be to go chasing a guy that is engaged to another woman?? Read no further if you want a mystery because my rant will be filled with spoilers. Sorry!

Throughout the entire book I yelled at my kindle, "Kieran is using you for your magic and you my dear are nothing more than a secret whore not to be shown in public." all this while passerby's assumed I was a crazy and yelling at myself.
Shocking as this may come across I have to say that my favorite part in this book was when Eden finally got her head out of her own ass.

Let me back up a bit Eden plays the role of a dirty whore with no back bone throughout buying Kieran's lines hook line and sinker. Then for some reason complains about being the other woman. Well she doesn't as much complain as she wines about having to watch Kieran's soon to be wife hanging all over him. Woman need to learn a man who say he going to leave his wife..... sorry he isn't and no man is worth having if he has to cheat on another woman to be with you.

And while all Eden's petty whining is taking place the resistance has to step in a number of time to save her stubborn ass. For some unknown reason keeps turning her back on the Resistance and blindly follows Kieran to her totally unavoidable downfall when all the Resistance has ever done is protect her.

I will admit I was expecting the twist in the end. All the small hints throughout added to common sense. You can't have twins without some familiar features. I just don't see how Eden didn't notice the twin thing till it was pointed out to her.... dense, need I say more!

It sounds like I'm hating on Eden. Well because I am. Over all it was a good read. My only issue with the whole book was the author improper use of "breath" for "breathe" and it would have been that pronounced had I not been reading aloud during my many rants.

My favorite section was the journey for the walk. Something about the woman and their vow of silence and the love they showed Eden as they had no other spoke volumes. Plus the adventure (given cooler temperatures) sounds of one I would love to take. It was a far better read than its predecessor and was definitely worth the read time in the end.