Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James Book Name: Fifty Shades of Grey
Rating: 3 Stars

I have often commented… that I had a tough time writing a review for this one. Writing a good review that people can respect while getting your point across, without giving any spoilers of book away is often hard. However, that is not my dilemma with 50 Shades. I’m having trouble with the constructive critical rule. If you openly say something negative, you have to come back with two positives.

Now what drew me to 50 Shades is simple, several of my goodreads friends commented that Silvia Day was ripping off E.L James story line. I was one of the lucky ones to get an advance copy Day “Bared to Me” and loved it. So in the back of my mind I was thinking… If a talented author like Sylvia Day can spin a 5 Star review using 50 Shades to inspire such a well crafted storyline; 50 Shade must be off the hook. Let me not forget that it also brought Gomez the former Disney Channel/ Music Star out of the children’s spotlight and landed her in the world of Adult Erotica … I had to read!

My reading group B4R choose to read the trilogy at my urging. On that note: Too some of my fellow member, I owe a deep thoughtful apology, to others, I’m thankful you enjoyed and to one in particular (and you know who you are) I’m grateful you found a silver lining in all the gray and made the read more enjoyable for all of us with your laugh out loud comments!

I guess you could say I’m split down the middle. I enjoyed the book. More than likely not for the same reasons other enjoyed it. For me it was a comical relief. I couldn't stop giggling like a schoolgirl who know something no one else did. If you do read I urge you to focus on the story line. The beatings, tie me up tie me down are just the sexual frustrations of the author poured out for the world to read. It can be a little rough, hot or not my cup of tea but it gets the ball rolling. The story line is worth it, but it’s not on par with Silvia Day. It’s also a read I would suggest you borrow from a friend keep your $$$ for something else.