Therian - Roxanne Kade I was fortunate enough to make the cut for reviewing this book for R2R and in no way does it affect my review…..

It has been a while since I have been thrust into a book from page one. The prologue alone drew me into the story and left me with a several haunting question? Exactly who, or should I say what is Carmine? Why would Guiliana have reason to fear him? How could Carmine have saved his wife? Moreover, what was to become of baby Amberlyn that Lenora birthed before she pasted?

In no time, I swallowed up the chapters hanging on every word on every page. And each chapter brought more and more gripping questions. Amber is gifted with the ability to see memories through a single touch. Because of this, Amber has spent eighteen years locked away in the eighteenth century estate that Carmine had purchased Lenora (her mother) as a wedding gift. Like any teenager; all Amber wants is a normal life and to venture out into the world, to live life; and attend a real college.

Amber acceptance into CFU less than thrills her father as he has given everything a teenage girl could ever want. Determined not to give into her father’s will and remain locked away she packed her bags; said her good-byes to Guiliana. She headed off to college with not even as much as a look from her father. Upon her arrival at CFU she bumps into Taye – who is a total hot dish— while looking for her dorm room. Once settled she begins to tour the campus— and meets Tristian—who is unremarkable compared to Taye. After she ditches Tristian, she heads to her room to settles in and meets her roommate Luna whose memories she could not see, thought Luna hugged her. Which begs me to question; why can’t Amber see Luna’s memories. After greetings, Luna sweeps Amber away to a bon fire party where they will be plenty of hot guys and Luna’s brother’s.

Overwhelmed with all the memories flowing all at once Amber and Luna make their way through the crowd and Luna introduces Amber to her *bf* Deacon Korey and her brother’s Locke and the *so hot* Tayelon. She is more than elated to see Taye there and the way Taye eyes her he too must feel some way. I was excited for Amber that her feeling for Taye was growing deeper as they grew closer. Amber and Taye find them self’s falling for one another all while surrounded by secrets and half- truths. And I felt bad for Tristian; it obvious he like Amber. He just has the stalker mentality that would drive even me to extra cautious around him.

I wander what Amber has managed to get herself into when Lucard entered her life. Are Taye, Tristian and Lucard supernatural? The author has left subtle hints to leave me wondering yet gripping enough to keep reading. The author has also managed to guard her words carefully and leaves me trying to figure everything out through to the end— if Taye Tristian and Lucard are sups; are they enemies or frenemies? Not to mention the importance to Luna’s *bf* Deacon Korey, if there is any. In addition, I mustn’t forget Taye reaction to Amber when the wolf howled. Yet in the back of my mind I was wondering about the wolf.— Could the wolf be Taye? Or the story behind the death of Taye’s father.

So many questions raced through my mind as I was reading. However, the plot was so well written I found I could not pull myself from the pages long enough to draw my own conclusions. I was elated to read a female lead who didn’t just accept the strange things going on around her and she questioned everything and demanded proof. Than when she did accept the truth she struggle with it as any human would.

I can’t say enough about this debut book, only do yourself a favor and pick up a copy you will not be sorry. I look forward to reading more stunning work pinned from Roxanne Kade. She is an up and coming author who has managed to bring a fresh new plot to the paranormal world of vampire’s werewolf’s and magic.