Amber Eyes - Jolyn Palliata I won’t lie; again it was the cover that first drew me into this book. It wasn’t the dazzling curiosity of a single decorated eye. No not for me. It was more like pure jealousy. The light brown color of the models compared to my ever so dark ones. In addition, not having read the synopsis the eyes also gave way to the recollection of a certain group of well fed vegetarian vampires. So my curiosity got the better of me and I had to give Palliata a new Indie author a try.

First, I was floored by the author’s dedication. Normally I would have even given this part an honorable mention. However this author has turned the table and I know will shock the most seasoned authors. The dedication is where the author dedicated the book the ones who mean the most to them. It is clear to me that this author has put every ounce of blood sweat and tears she has into this book. Jolyn Palliata goes when no other author I can recall has ever gone before she give a strong dedication saying and I quote;

“This book is dedicated to aspiring writers everywhere. Your dreams can be achieved.”

It actually inspires me to publish some of my doodling. However, being broke my dreams come at a limit as well as my lack of technique and writing skills to satisfy readers.

Fluster and filled with my own unfulfilled in my dreams I dove into Palliata first installment of the “Entwined Series”. Not knowing what to expect I read closely and kept my eyes peeled for the big reveal.

In the beginning I found myself a bit lost but once I got my footing it was smooth sailing. As the story progressed and fate stepped in I was shocked in the very first chapter. As the story developed I was in Chic-lit heaven. Then low and behold a new student emerges and let’s just say Lexi wasn’t the only one getting tingles. I could feel the excitement welling up within me at the prospects of a super- natural story line.

Palliata did an excellent job with keeping me engaged while only giving me enough information to keep me guessing but somehow never right. Until it reached the pivotal moment the reveal was not what I had expected. And the curve ball she tosses in the end has my jumping up and down begging for the second installment.

A must read Romance that carries across the bonds of time!