Forgotten - Cat Patrick 5 Best Stars

It’s the second best book I have read this month alone and it’s the best YA book I have read this month!!

Cat Patrick took me on an unforgettable journey through the eyes of London, a young girl whose memory reset every morning. She has no memory of her past and every memory of the future. Forgotten was so gripping to me literally could not put it down; I laughed, I sighed, I giggled, I cried. The story was a mesmerizing page-turning psychological mystery; full of drama and young love that I greedily consumed in one evening.

I know I had said this before but the story hooked right from the start. London grab my attention primarily by the lists she writes for herself and I was confused at first. I didn't understand why they were so important and why she freaked out over the cell phone. When I did and I was sucked further into the story vying to see where it would lead. London falls for Luke, and gets the pleasure of meeting him for the first time every single day. She quickly falls for him, hard, and fast. The feelings they have for each other reach intense heights in what is a short space of time.

I had so many favorite points throughout the story I’m not sure if I can narrow it down. Nevertheless, if I had to pick just one, I think my favorite part of the story would have to be the minivan date. It was refreshing reading a about a young man romancing a young woman he clearly loved. As a woman, I know it is usually (us) the female’s who wind up romanticizing a date/ relationship and the guy’s intentions. I was wonderful to read the romancing coming from the guy for a change. Most assuredly, Luke was my favorite character. It was refreshing reading (though from London’s pov) how much he loved London and never giving up even when London pushes him away. I had three big reactions to be honest. However, the one that stands out the most is London remembering Luke without having to read her notes. My heart burst opened at the realization that they could be forever soul mates, just as Luke had romanticized on the minivan date. My second stand out moment was London the future London saw for Luke. After all both have been through it just didn’t seem fair to either one of them. My third was learning that her brother was still alive, he*l that she even had a brother and it made me wonder…. Could her memory loss be linked to finding her brother? If so, once he appears will she be able to remember and what about her future memories…..What will happen?

Honestly I can’t recall reading a book like this before. I thought it was interesting that London could see the future however could not remember the past. It may seem that Jamie, Adam and London’s father were just a sideline character. However if Cat Patrick decides to continue the story with another book I think we will see more of the characters. Especially, Jamie and Adam if Luke and London can’t figure out a way to change Luke’s future. My only disappointment was with the ending. For me it was too rushed, and I felt like there was more to say, more story to tell. I don't think it should have ended and what I hear is there will be no sequel. I have a feeling there will be more from London, but don't hold me to that.

Do yourself a favor and DON’T miss this one…!! Forgotten it is a stirring and extraordinary debut novella that will haunt your dreams and leave you yearning for more.