Finding Sky - Joss Stirling The Cover : Honestly if my reading group had not choose Finding Sky as part of it monthly read I might not have otherwise have read it. Now don’t misunderstand me, the art decoration is so simple… well not simple…elegant is a better word to use. The vine used with what looks like ribbon to intertwine a heart gives no indication as to what lies beneath the cover other that a possible romance of some kind

The Characters : Every book has them, heck without them the story wouldn’t have made it print. Well then again, it might have but I wouldn’t be interested in reading it. So, moving on we dive into the charming and some possibly not so charming characters of “Finding Sky”.

Guard your hearts ladies first up is the male lead!! Why you ask?? It’s simple, because it’s important to see if “Zed” is book boyfriend material. Why else? And the verdict is a solid yes. What girl, American or British can pass up a bad boy on a motorcycle? And to make him even yummier we find out that he has a heart of gold. Yes, ladies break out the fans because this is one bad boy we want our bad boys to reflect.

Don’t worry fellows I didn’t forget you, I’m sure you want to know if Sky Bright is girlfriend material. Being that well, umm…. I’m not a guy or into girls; I would still hand the verdict down as a solid yes. Yes she may seem weak and withdrawn at times, but who wouldn’t with the shit she has suffered through. But when it comes down to protecting the ones she loves I think she has what it takes.

Speaking of delicious characters and whether they are bf/gf material believe it or not “Finding Sky” has other characters besides Zed & Sky. The thing is if you really want to know if they bring the goods you are just going to have to read it…. after all I did. But I will give you a quick rundown.

I have to start with Nelson : Sky human super hero… He is the kind of guy you want as your bff in high school. He’s always ready to take the stand for a woman’s honor. I was so glad the author found him love. I would have been disappointed had he not been rewarded.

Tina : Tina is a first person to friend sky and become part of a side line story that is interesting. I was disappointed that it didn’t dig deeper.

And last but not least The Benedict Brothers : Yes you heard me….plural— BROTHERS!! There are six other and I have a feeling they are all going to be yummy. Though we only get a peek at few of them as they play important roles in the story line. I can’t wait as the series continues and we get a chance to get up close and personal as they find their soul finders

If you were to ask me, “Lissa did you like the book?” I would have to respond…. Did I like the book??? Are you completely mad??? I absolutely loved the book Zed turns out to b absolutely delicious I put my own order for a copy of Zed. I’m a bit disappointed he hasn’t showed up yet. With my luck it was the answering machine I got and the message was deleted.

My recommendation : Okay woman of all ages and guys who can handle a little chic lit…. run— don’t walk to your computer and log on to and pick up your copy today…. Paperback or kindle no matter your vice they have pretty much anything.

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