Dark Matter Heart (Cor Griffin Bloodsuckers, #1) - Nathan Wrann Little Lass Muses:

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Vampire
Cover: Not that great
Thumbs: 4 Out 4 Up
Overall: It was a cool read. I can't believe it took the self-published challenge to remind me that my mom had this book. I'll read it again.
Characters: Fun, and a bit different
Plot: I Moved fast
Page Turner: Yes
Recommend: Yes
My Book Boyfriend: Cor, because he will move on and Taylor caught my eye for this brains! Intellegent guys are far between or is it few between, well in the end they are hard to by.
Most Like Me or who I want to be: Caitlyn I think is just more like me..

Little Lass Random Thoughts:

Sure the book is full of suspense I mean after all Cor is being shadowed by a creeper. But that's not what stands out the most. It's the friendship. You are lucky when you can stand in a circle and have a friend you trust will have your back to your left and right and not stab you in the back. You're lucky to have one true friend and blessed to have two. The one thing I never got was the whole numbers for name, why couldn't the author name them? Plus I hate to burst bubbles but everyone thinks this is an original story. I'm reading a book now for the TBR Pile Challenge that was published before this one with a few similar plot circumstances.

Novel Lass Reviews

To put it simply in three words “I loved it!”

Yes, I know it's not quite the red-carpet affair for one (especially me) to claim to love a book but I did. Why you ask? Straightforward, it was the point of view. Nowadays the book stores, e-store and libraries are bogged down with sups stories from the female point of view. Let’s face fact, sometimes a lady just want to know how the guy sees things. And young men need some way to relate to the young ladies other than reading Twilight, Vampire Academy and other related sups books.

I know romance from a guy’s p-o-v, who would have thought? Hey, it worked for HB’s Vladimir Todd Series as well as FM’s Bloodthirsty, and it works for Nathan Wrann’s Dark Matter Heart as well.
Additionally, it’s a clever new twist to the whole sups pop culture that every young guy can relate to (I’m speaking of the love) and every girl who loves sups stories should read.

Overall, Dark Matter Heart was a great debut that will hook all readers and the male p-o-v will definitely stand out. It contains its own unique set of characters, and a plot. Some might argue that it lends ideas from other popular books. As an avid reader I can accept that but to me all books reflect each other in some fashion. DMH is a classic tale of coming of age with a supernatural bite that even the guys will secretly love.

READ!! READ!! READ!!! What else can I say?

Our Favorite Random Quotes:

“Yes, it's true. Immaculate conception exists. I am the second coming of Christ. I have no father.”

“Things seem to be returning to normal, he thought, but couldn’t stop himself from laughing out loud when he realized he was crawling through a secret passage dirt tunnel toward a drainage pipe where an army of rats awaited to accompany him home. Normal indeed.”

“I wouldn't say I got in a lot of trouble. I got in a little bit of trouble a lot of times. Let the record reflect that it was never my fault."