Preservation - Rachael Wade First off I want to point out the big craze that is going around is student-teacher relationships. It's a subject not as taboo as it once was, in the reading world anyway. Relations in the real world would open a shit storm even those of us who read the love behind such a forbidden fruits would be strong to judge a person in a position of power and trust. However, the stories we read in the literacy world are of wonton from both the student and teacher and for the majority, surrounded with equal consensual desire from both sides. Having pointed my finger at the obvious let us move on to the goodies.

I want to talk cover first, I must have been unconsciously thing about having mentioned forbidden-fruit. The studious student posing with apple for the teacher is daring in a mocking way. During most of the read, I was well aware that Ryan was Kate's teacher, however the writing was cleaver crafted leaving me no choice but focus on the love story as it was unfolding. My only grumble isn't much of a complaint but more of a question. It's clear the title 'Preservation' was chosen because the story is from Kate's POV and she thrives to safeguard herself/life as much as possible. But then again, 'Perception' would have also made for an excellent title as both Kate and Ryan have a unique insight to see beyond the outward appearance of one another.

I love the life that was brought to the storyline with Kate's friends Dean & Carter. It's refreshing reading about the guys with unrequited love rather than the lonely girl with a hopeless crush. Much humor was afforded by these two. But I could have lived without the ratchet reminders of the skeezer's Ryan once bedded all in Kate's face. But she handled herself like a woman. And after all the crazy, who could blame her for the doubts she had. Her decision to move on after the Ryan stabbed her in the back was what she needed. I wasn't too thrilled how easily Kate was to forgive and forget. Nor, how Dean & Carter seemed to be in on the whole deal.

I absolutely loved reading this book and I'm so glad that my reading group Books 4 Review suggested it. I would highly recommend reading. Now it not for young readers, however mature readers are welcome! I look forward to continuing this series and will be on the lookout for other works by this author.