Abandoned Angel - Kayden Lee
As a mother I was shocked then stunned with the opening of this completely engrossing story. What mother in her right mind after being beaten and her son kidnapped walks into a bar and orders a beer? After reading more I discovered the answer to my own question. She is the kind of mother who after years of abuse feels that’s what she needs at the moment. She needs the beer to work up the courage to fight for her own self and do whatever is necessary to save her son.

Lee dares to expose the not so glamorous side of biker gangs as Angel find herself trading everything she has left within her at the off chance of finding her son. In a world where a woman can be used for the gangs’ pleasure or pain something transpires between Blaze and Angel as he claims her for himself. You are from page one caught up in Angel’s world of abuse and soul wrenching heart breaking journey she endures.

The characters Lee brings to life are none like I have ever read before. Angela was a mess. After having survived several years of abuse herself, once her son was taken; she took action. She did everything she could and more to rescue her son from her fate.

The sisterly relationship that grows Tiffany and Angels, I feel gives her what she need to push through and never give up hope. I just can’t bring myself to feel anything but distain for the members of biker gang. Blaze in the end did shock me but it was not enough to redeem himself.

My only real issue with the book was the astronomical errors throughout. It had me going back to read parts over again for clarification. It was very distracting from the story. Having said that, I actually look forward for the story to continue and will defiantly look for more from this author. Who I expect in the future will use a different proofreader.