The Billionaire's Desire 2: Dubai Confidental - Ashley  Blake Fuck! Sorry but $2.99 for a short story! You have got to be kidding me. I shall not lie, had one of my crazy ass friend not had the cash this series would never see light in my circle. Wow, this author is delusional and must think so much of herself to sell her writing at a higher going rate than most of the top established authors who write entire books and sell it as one!

As disgusted as I am with the extreme price tag I'm a big enough woman (no pun intended) to admit that the middle (second installment of one fucking book) was better than the first book (the beginning in other words). The author brought more emotions into play which helps the reader star to spark an interest in the characters. But at such a hefty cost unless one of my friends can loan me The Billionaire's Desire 3: Ultimate Bliss I never learn the surprise destination and what the future holds for Sarah and Joshua.

I would not recommend this series to anyone due to the high price tag. However, if the author were to join all three books into one novella and sell it at a reasonable rate (under $2.99) ONLY then would I recommend. DO NOT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED DOLLARS!!!