The Billionaire's Desire - Ashley  Blake In the past you wouldn't catch me reading a sort story. I just felt they were a waste of money. But the past year with so many independent authors more and more shots are surfacing and most are surprisingly decent. I find now they are a great distraction while waiting for appointments or something quick before bed.The Billionaire's Desire was no different. I enjoyed it very much but it was off.

I just didn't feel pull of attraction between Sarah and Joshua. When they had their naughty freak moment in the trains washroom it I found myself cringing instead sighing. The warring desire for the two to rut was lacking. Then to add insult to injury the author conveyed that Joshua was a domineering lover in the end missed it big time. He seemed more commanding. Like a big time boss who want to play with a new toy and can use power and money to get what he desires. Ha! Intending a pun realization has just dawned.

Not having had the chance to build an affinity to any of the characters I find myself eager to read The Billionaire's Desire 2: Dubai Confidential eager to see what the next thirty (30) days has to offer in this agreement. After all, if punishment is a good fucking this is going to be one hell of ride.