Remember This - Shae Buggs What the hell is wrong with me this week? It's killing me that it took me all day to force myself to read a book that on a traveling day would take me an hour to read tops. Again, I picked a book that was just missing it's stuffing. Don't get me wrong Remember This is a quarter decent read for a short story. However, I got the feeling the author was trying way too hard to get the laugh and flat out dropped the twist.

It was clear from the beginning that the husbands, (whose name I didn't bother to remember) regained his memory fairly quickly. However, I did make the assumption it would turn out to be a hoax the entire time. In my defense, it was written with an air of a man seeking retaliation for being hit by his wife (whose name I also failed to learn) with a wine bottle. So when the reveal came that his memory was returned in Mexico I just rolled my eyes. I called bull shit on the whole memory-loss.

Would I recommend it?? If you're looking for a laugh. It will be interesting to watch this author grow because right out the gate she's strong at writing she just need to developed the twists and turns we love so much!