Stripped (Guilty Pleasures #2) - Adriana Hunter Again I'm shocked to discover that none of my goodread friends have read this. How can that be. Yes is a short read. One that you might visit while waiting for an appointment or before bed for inspiration or interesting dreams. Not that I would admit to anything. LOL!

You can be sure that Hunter turned up the heat in this second short with a visit to a BDSM Playhouse. (Second time I've read of BDSM Playhouses, do they even exist?) Where we are introduced to a Dom named Chase. A real panty wetter who knows how to handle ropes and organisms that are out of this world.

Now we are left at a crossroad... Do we want Chase an experienced Dom who can show us things we never thought to explore. Or do we want Jake, a man we can discover new things together with.

Both have secrets but the important question is wh is in charge? From a readers point of view it seems their both being topped from the bottom.