Into the Dark, Vol. 4 (Into the Dark, #4) - Milly Silver So much was riding on Part 4 to bring this book out of the clutches. And like the other 3 Parts of this book for me it just fell short.

I am however impressed with the concept as a whole. Even well known authors such as Mary-Janice Davidson sometimes miss taking all the nuts and bolts that are part of the story form their minds to the written page and most reader never notice due to the excellent editing job. I feel that it where Milly Silver dropped the ball.

In all honesty as a person who enjoys reading I know this 4 part book has some serious potential. If the cost of editing is an issue (and with most self-published author's it is) I would suggest this author call upon her friends or even the ones she trusted to R&R before it was truly ready for publication to help clean it up and release it again as one book under a different title. Because the author was clearly wandering Into the Dark with this release.