Into the Dark, Vol. 3 (Into the Dark, #3) - Milly Silver Like Parts 1 and 2, Part 3's has promise with the right editing. I do like the basic dynamics of the storyline as well as the mystery the author is trying to convey. The delivery and timing is just off a bit.

At one point I had a 'Twilight the Movie' flashback. The whole untouchable group and the new girl that has somehow wormed her way in. Te way the girls on the outside hated in addition to the whole we're not supposed to be together. I'm almost positive it was not the authors intentions for the reader to make this connection but my owe frame of mind after seeing the movie on cable as of late.

Overall Part 3 is where I feel the author intended to build the crescendo but due to the delivery and editing just stumbled and fell flat.