Into the Dark, Vol. 2 (Into the Dark, #2) - Milly Silver Part 2 (Chapters 6- 13)

I'm at a loss for words with this installment. I have a tendency of staying away from books that are offered in installments. I was hoping that the author would change my opinion.

Again, I think I would have been able to finish this part in less than thirty minutes however considering I was traveling it took me about an hour. (Hard to drive and read at the same time, therefore I had to give it a rest.) I expected more with the wave ooh's and Ahh's (is that right??) over the budding relationship between Emily and Henry. It felt to forced and instant. Especially with the author presenting a possibility with the mystery guy for the alternate universe.

Speaking of alternate universe.... What is up?? The way the narrative come across it's a common occurrence, the blackouts start at age 13, so why must Emily hid it??? Emily is not the only one to do this there are others and have been others. I feel like there is something I missed or something the author failed to get across. So why the big secrete that she does it???

Speaking of hiding...

What is up with the group of kids with special powers?? Again I have come across an epic fail. It was brought to light that they have abilities that others apparently covet. They ability is so covet worthy they are given body guards as well. Which begs one to assume... their abilities must not be strength with the ability to protect one's self...clue the body guards. And in this group lies Henry & Seb. Where the narrators has separated the group not only as gifted but as wealthy. So not only is it an ability thing it's a money thing. Okay I get the class difference verses money and no money but really, Is it so bad that Seb has to be a dick about it??
Now in the alternate universe we have the mystery guy and the six year old girl, who both are keeping secrets and half truths from Emily yet I have no clue what their point is. And speaking of points the ‘Misery-Makers’; what is theirs???

At this point I'm still unclear what is going on. But I have so many unanswered questions I would like answered. However, I would like the point out that its pure curiosity and the fact that the author has offered this book for free is the only reason I will continue with the series. Therefore my rating will be low; 2 Stars, it did appeal to me, somewhat and I will continue on. Deep down it's my wish that the author will combine all four parts into one book do some edits and allow us to rate the overall series anew.