Fearless Magic (Star-Crossed #3) - Rachel Higginson I'll admit I had major issues with Eden in the first two books. In book #1 Eden was a clueless wonder to drive you mad. In book #2, let's just say I thought of Eden as needing her own scarlet "A". In Reckless Magic, Eden was forced to grow up and at times started growing on me.

I have to give Eden props for going all in when Kieran betrayed her in such a manner that is unforgivable allowing Lucan destroyed the only family she had contact. Jumping in the deep end without a life jacket Eden is hell bent on revenge and the only thing that will satisfy vengeance will be the blood of Kendrick's family by her hands. Determined to get her brother back from Lucan strong hold Eden embraces the Resistance and begins to seek what is left of them to find justice for herself and a people.

I wasn't all that thrilled with Reckless Magic book 1 and almost gave up when another fan/friend said it gets better, so I stuck it. After reading Fearless Magic I'm glad I stood strong. Higginson writing has continued to grow and improve. It's exciting reading along and feeling her grow as an author. And laud, I so glad Higginson matured Eden in this one. I would have found it unforgiveable had she not.

I have to admit for some reason I was head-over-heels with Jericho when he first made an appearance in the series. I found myself siding with Avalon wanting his best bud to make his sister happy. I was elated when they finally got together. But I had this nagging in the back of my mind. It bothered me that Eden had to talk herself into the whole relationship with Jericho, a compromise of sorts. Don't get me wrong, I was thrilled that she opened her eyes to the situation she was in Kieran. I even cheered as she decided to throw down the gauntlet with the whole Bloody Family.

I was so glad that Eden matured a lot in this installment. If she hadn't it would have been another reason for me to walk away. One fictitious or not can't go through all she dad and not mature. I did like the fact at times she held steadfast to her innocents, it helped make her character a bit more believable. And when it the time for the guillotine I wavered right along with Eden. It also brought to light new questions considering Kieran and if she made a mistake.

Rachel Higginson did an excellent job. She managed to grab me from the start and not let go. Her writing is only getting better with each new installment. I suffered a mix of emotions as Eden Journey took her to places at times she wasn't ready go but found the courage to move forward. More characters were introduced and some I loved others I questioned. I was so caught up I moved straight into Endless Magic hoping for Endless outcome.