Reckless Magic (Star-Crossed, #1) - Rachel Higginson I'm a big enough woman (no pun intended) to admit the cover of Reckless Magic will never make top 10 covers but it's pretty. With not much detail etched in it Reckless Magic scrawled out boldly in a heft of can only lead to one thought, "What type of storm in brewing inside the pages using magic recklessly?"

I truly expected more from the story not to say I didn't enjoy, I did. It's just this authors take on how naive the youth can be was utterly ridicules. I found Eden's cluelessness a bit over-the-top and the reveling secrets could be seen coming from a mile away. However, it did keep me interested enough to see how things played out in the end.

After Eden (I guess naming her Eve would have been a over kill after all its the garden that stays hid, right?) kicked out of yet another school because of her issues that can't be proven. (It amazes me that she is still clueless at this point.) She has a chance meeting with two of Kingsley (hello, if that is not a knock upside the head to get a clue with) hottest new male transfers, Kieran and Talbot. As much as Eden irks me I can't blame her for assuming that Talbot was no more than an a** kissing fan of Kieran's. What Kingdom would place a teenage boy as body guard to the crowned Prince. While I'm on crowned Prince, logic must prevail.. one is not crowned Prince... it is a privilege you are born into, last time I checked.

Now while I'm on my soap box rant... Talbot... dude is a Titan. I understand the whole blood oath to protect be he seems a servant to Kieran more than anything else. Why doesn't he grow a set and speak up... "You want your ass wiped call a nanny. I'm your protector nor your servant." Now that would have been sweet!

I suppose that's one reason I didn't trust or care for Kieran, he is such a spoiled little snot ball and he keeps to many secrets from Eden. I have this foreboding feeling, like Alexandria he doesn't truly love Eden. I think he loves what Eden's magic can do for him. The fact that he helped Lily doesn't change my mind either. What is his motive? Hump... to gain Eden good graces?? But for what?? Possibly what her magic can do for him, maybe? Surely I jest.

Then there is Amory. Most of the messes Eden found herself in could have been avoided if he had only spoken up sooner... say when her magic started manifesting? Instead of waiting until she destroyed two schools and found herself in a tangled mess while dropping hints strange hints such as, "I'm here, if you need someone to talk to."

Hello, she is a teenage girl what is she supposed to do, run to some old man and discuss her menstruation issues. It just screams possible pedophile... And wait?? Isn't he a clairvoyant? He should have known Eden would never come to him that she just thought she was batshit crazy. I guess the author slipped on that one.

Now let visit Avalon...different as night and day. Who wouldn't follow this guy through hell and back? Oh, right Eden. He is your long lost twin and fighting not only for you and himself he is fighting for your people a whole. He is fiercely protective, strong and loves his sister and people. You can't get more perfect than that can you??

Sorry soap box rant over... My recommendation over look the grammar errors... it's not as if anyone is perfect. Side step the ridiculous cluelessness of Eden and read. I look forward to reading book two, just to see the bond between the twin grow. Also to see if my suspensions about Kieran are founded.