Dreamfever (Fever #4) - Karen Marie Moning Dream Fever: Book 3 "Fever Series"

Star stats:
Jaded Adult:
3 Stars
Forever Young: 5 Stars
Over All: 4 Stars

To tell the truth, just as in book 3 I would not have continued the series if it has not been a part of book club's reads. I had to make myself read the series. It's not the author by a long shot. KMM, has her very own unique writing style that keeps you interested and pushes of buttons with the readers and makes you question where she coming from.

It seem that KMM has the old school charm of writing her ending that leaves you with no resolve and forces you to read the next book in the series for some closure. But has a knack for not really closing anything in a neat package and leaves you still questioning who the hell or what Barrons truly is.

In short the story picks up exactly where Fae Fever (book #3) leaves off and moves at a snail's pace forward. The Vail between the Fae realm and the human are down and strange things keep happening. It's up to Mac and the rest of the Sidhe seerers to restore the world to order and fight the monsters that no longer creep around dark hidden corners but walk around unbidden.

I do have to give a little props to KMM for Mac... she is no longer weak and grows into somewhat a stronger and darker person; even if I find she still get on my nerves more than a little.