Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James Book Name: Fifty shades darker
Rating: 3 Stars


Don’t get me wrong, like I have said before the book has the bases for a great story line. It just needs a seasoned author or editors that give a rat’s ass. I feel that the author went too far with the sex. I get that this is Anna’s first sexual partner/ experience; but what I don’t get is where is her empowerment?
Ana inner goddess thinks You want to beat me stupid and stick something up my ass? “Okay.”
I just don’t feel that Anna has grown emotionally at all!!! I get the author is a stay at home mom who is obsessed with Twilight, but come on. Just because man is supposed to be the stronger sex doesn’t mean woman are weak. Give Ana at least one leg to stand on.
Rant aside… Yes I read the whole thing and giggled a lot like a schoolgirl because I just could believe what I was reading. I would think that people who are into BDSM would find this series offence to their sexual practices.

Just a random thought… Are we positive a grown woman wrote this and not her teenage daughter and she is covering???