The Host - Stephenie Meyer I don’t have much to say about the cover art to “The Host”, other than I expected more. I mean after all, how much money did she bank from the “Twilight” success? Don’t ask me what I expected, I have no clue, it’s just I have seen more captivating book covers from self-published authors. My rant has nothing to do with Meyer’s success it all because I have become one of those people who judge a book by its cover. Gurr! Don’t you just to hate on that type?

I will be the first to admit it, had my reading group, Books 4 Review not been reading “The Host” as the August 2012 mid-month read I would never have read it. Why? Simple, it 2was billed as an adult novel. I just didn’t think with Meyer’s religious background and the extreme moral values I didn’t think she could pull off a novel for adults. What do you know; I was right its more young-adult than it is adult. Let me e clear, I wasn’t expecting erotic, just a mature read.
About the story line, an alien parasite travel from planet to planet taking over its inhabitants. Where have I read or better yet seen that before? Must be Nicole Kidman The Invasion because the whole time I was reading I couldn’t get the movie out of the front of my mind nor Invasion of the Body Snatchers as well as The Visiting. Which is not all together a bad thing because I see similarities in almost every book I read, it just show me who influenced the author on their journey to publication. On That note in the back of my mind, I could put to rest the similarities between the characters of “The Twilight Saga” and “The host”.

I was a little off put at how long the book took to become interesting. I was struggling so much that I pulled a Macy and turned on the text-to-speech option on my Kindle. Harp as I must I was disappointed that a novel billed as Adult showed no differences in age maturity.
Final Thoughts… It’s not altogether bad but it’s not great either.

My final Recommendation… If you are a true Stephanie Meyer’s fan, you will love this book. If not I would pass it up all together.