A Demon Made Me Do It - Penelope King I would be lying if I said I was interested in reading this book for any other reason than the catchy title and the beautiful cover that screamed… I am just a beautiful innocent young woman. Then again you could flip the coin and call the cover that beckoned… the innocent, who me cover girl.

It might have been the cover that drew me in but it was P. Kings ability to weave an interesting story line that kept me interested and ultimately vested in the characters. I love the fact that by day the progeny was one way then when night fell she was completely opposite. It reminded me so much of the season of Buffy when she had to deal with the crazy deity that was a guy and possible love interest during the and the wacked out deity at night. It always interesting to read and see how each author betrays one internal struggles of good versus evil.

The story goes that during the day we have Liora. She is your normal high school student who on occasion gets into a little trouble. Oh and she has only one real friend. During the night, while Liora is sleeping, we get a peek at Lucky. Lucky’s a not so nice rough and tumble demon who lives for hunting and killing other demons, especially the ones who killed her best friends. What you have to understand is Liora and Lucky share a body but are two completely separate individuals.

Now the biggest question is whom does Kieron fall for? Is it Liora or is it Lucky? Only time and reading will tell or does it? And trust me it will leave you on the edge of you seat.

King does a superior job at weaving a story line with so many intriguing characters. She does an excellent job humanizing her charactors while lacing them with such innocents and desires.

Over all this King’s “A Demon Made ME Do It” was truly an eye catching and terrific read. King offered the perfect mix of good versus evil wrapped in delicious characters you can’t help but to love. I was drawn in hook line and sinker from the first chapter. I can’t wait to read the second installment in the series and highly recommend you stop reading my review and hop on over to Amazon.com and pick up your own copy.

I highly recommend this book and it's probably more appropriate for mature young adults (Grades 8 and up) due to the mild violence, some language in a few places, and some romance scenes.